Payroll Services

Every business has to process salaries for its employees accurately and timely; however, apart from the statutory and tax regulations (that changes from time to time), managing various salary structures, handling issues like reimbursements, loans, advances, leaves, overtime, bonus and other benefits is not an easy task. It may look simple from the outside, but many companies that do their own payroll processing ultimately discovers that it may not be all that cost-effective and simple, especially when you consider the entire payroll management process.

For many companies, payroll outsourcing offers an attractive alternative to in-house processing. It provides simple, affordable way of paying employees, filing taxes, and performing other activities associated with payroll administration. No matter what business you are running and where you are located, we are sure that outsourcing the Payroll management to professional service providers allows you to concentrate in your core activities, reduce your costs and improve the security of your data.

KAZIM ABBASI & CO. provides modern and completely customized solutions to all organizations regardless of their size and geographical locations. Our customer tailored payroll solutions directly address payroll management requirements and allow us to build confidence of our clients to meet their business challenges.

Why You Choose KAZIM ABBASI & CO. as Your Payroll Service Provider?

To reduce risk of exposure: – There’s a fair amount of risk that comes with in-house payroll. The door is wide open for identity theft and those who handle payroll can view employee records. Employees can tamper with records for personal gain, and there is the risk of embezzlement.

To reduce burden on finance team: A number of small and medium enterprises generally do not have a specific payroll person. Instead, they assign the responsibility to employees in the HR or accounts department. It might result in inefficiency if the person does not remain updated on legal, tax and other issues.

To access to a variety of services: Even a temporary accountant has a limited skill set. With outsourced payroll services in addition to the standard services, companies can also get value-added services like contract generation, labor law compliance, workers’ compensation and payments.

To save time:- in-house payroll management take too much time and diverts the company from its core operations which can result in the inability of the company to adequately manage and grow its business.

To decrease the overhead costs:- If one properly thinks about the time spending on payroll tasks, a great deal of cost savings will become evident if these tasks are taken off from the plate.

Effective Payroll

Effective payroll administration can be a catalyst for your company’s transformation. When you don’t want to manage all payroll processes in-house, you can think of a knowledgeable Payroll Management Service Provider such as KAZIM ABBASI & CO.

We have a professional team with expertise on payroll and HR management. It ensures confidentiality while providing transparent employee communication, meeting statutory requirements and doing basic payroll calculations, so as to provide end-to-end payroll processing. For those in searching for a reliable and cost-effective payroll service company, get in touch with KAZIM ABBASI & CO. and start saving on your payroll cost today.